What do we do?

Our goal is to help people and organizations find and maintain success.  We believe legal issues and interpersonal and organizational conflict are opportunities and not obstacles. They give people and organizations a chance to show their creativity and enhance their character.   Thus, we are passionate about helping organizations with employment, commercial, and corporate law matters, as well as with mediation, ADR, and HR development.  We define our success by your success.

Employment law deals with any legal issue relating to the employer-employee relationship–ranging from state unemployment compensation to federal anti-discrimination and labor laws.

Commercial law  (a.k.a. business law) deals with the rights, relationships, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, sales, and trade, which includes contracts, agency, and torts.

Corporate law deals with the creation, organization, and operation of legal organizations such as partnerships, limited liability companies, for-profit corporations, and non-profit corporations.

We also provide a full range of ADR services to clients, ranging from conflict coaching, negotiations training, mediation, and arbitration.  We are also available for seminars and as facilitators for group discussions.