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Legal disputes can be expensive, time-consuming and seriously disruptive to people's lives, including their personal and business relationships. At James D. Harper Law, PLLC, we help individuals, families and businesses avoid or resolve legal disputes so they can be free to succeed.

We offer not only traditional litigation, but also consulting services that can help you and your business avoid litigation or minimize the disruption it can cause. Unlike many small law firms, we also provide a full range of alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation and negotiations training, so that you can settle disputes while avoiding the frustration and expense of going to court.

Wide-Ranging Practice

James D. Harper Law, PLLC, can help resolve matters involving legal issues such as personal injury, family law, contract disputes, employment law and more. We also consult with and train small and medium-sized companies to help them make sure their human resources policies comply with state and federal laws.

Our wide-ranging legal practice has allowed us to build relationships with many individuals and companies over the years, as they return to us whenever their legal needs change. When you become our client, we don't want to just resolve your immediate issues; we want to help you succeed.

Helping You Succeed

For an attorney you can trust with business law, employment matters, personal injury, civil litigation and more, call James D. Harper Law, PLLC, today at 662-638-6259. You can also contact us by email.

Our office is in Oxford, Mississippi, less than a mile from the University of Mississippi campus. We represent clients in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama.


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